Autonomous Systems Entry program


List of courses offered at UCA/Polytech Nice Sophia , ELEC/ROBOTICS department, EIT Digital Autonomous Systems track
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This Master 1 level track (4th year of engineering study) in Autonomous Systems (AUS) covers all the fundamental aspects to understand and design autonomous systems. The core technical areas are about: modeling dynamic systems, parameter and state estimation, control, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

This UCA Polytech Nice Sophia ENTRY track is organized in two semesters during which you can obtain (at least) 60 ECTS (European Credits Transfer System), divided into:

  • 36 ECTS in technical courses,
  • 24 ECTS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E). This is achieved by attending: the corresponding courses offered at UCA in I&E (see below) and the Summer School  organized by the Master school, at the end of the academic year Master 1.

Each student entering this Master 1 track in AUS may come from a different background (computer science, electrical engineering, etc.). Therefore, personal guidance is provided to help students make their choice of elective lectures at the begining of the first semester.

Program (2023 - 2024) (subject to modification)

Each student should acquire at least 60 ECTS during the first year of AUS track. The lectures and ECTS are distributed as follows:

  • Compulsory technical courses (24 ECTS),
  • Elective technical courses (select 12 ECTS, plus additional ones in the second semester if you wish, in the lists below),
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses: I&E (24 ECTS).

Semester 1

Technical Courses

Compulsory courses (12 ECTS) Number of ECTS
EIEL931G Robotics: fundamentals, sensor modeling and fusion (GSE5) 4
EIEL933G Embedded Hardware and Software for Self-driving Cars (GSE5) 2
Preparation to the Industrial Project 3
5G Networks (Huawei) 3
Elective courses (for a total of 9 ECTS) Number of ECTS
Project Gestion Systèmes Embarqués 6
Advanced tools in maths & stats 3
EIEL923G Embedded Linux (GSE5) 2
EIEL733 Estimation and Digital Signal Filtering (ELEC4) 2
Mobile Communications: 2G, 3G, 4G (TR5) 2
UML modeling (GSE5) 2
Wireless sensor networks 2
Embedded A.I. 2
Mobile Communications: Technology of connected objects (TR5) 1
Advanced control and estimation for Autonomous Systems 1

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Courses

I&E Semester 1 (9 ECTS) Coefficient
Basics in I&E  0.3
Business Dev. Lab Part 1 0.3
Business Intelligence 1 0.3
Foreign language 0.1

Semester 2

Technical Courses

Compulsory courses (12 ECTS) Number of ECTS
EIEL822 Digital Control (shared with ELEC4) 3
EIENCA8 Sensors and actuators, Embedded AI (shared with SI4) 3
EIEL841 Industrial Semester Project 3
Vision&Robotics: ROS and Gazebo, 3D Machine Vision and Learning 3
Elective courses (3 ECTS required) Number of ECTS
Refresher in control systems 2
Embedded Java 2
Embedded C++ 2
Applied estimation to Autonomous Systems 1

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Courses

I&E Semester 2 (15  ECTS) Coefficient
Business Intelligence 2: Marketing & Consumer Experience 0,2
I&E complementary course 0,2
Foreign language 0,1
Business Dev. Lab  (spread in the empty slots, from early march till mid of June) 0,3
Summer school : globally organized by EIT Digital, July-August  0,2


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