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List of courses offered at UCA/Polytech Nice Sophia , ELEC department, EIT Digital Autonomous Systems track
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This Master 1 level track (4th year of engineering study) in Autonomous Systems (AUS) covers all the fundamental aspects to understand and design autonomous systems. The core technical areas are about: modeling dynamic systems, parameter and state estimation, control, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

This Master 1 AUS is organized in two semesters during which you can obtain (at least) 60 ECTS (European Credits Transfer System), divided into:

  • 36 ECTS in technical courses,
  • 24 ECTS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E). This is achieved by attending: the corresponding courses offered at UCA in I&E (see below) and the Summer School (4 ECTS) organized by the Master School Office, at the end of the academic year Master 1.

Each student entering Master 1 AUS may come from a different background (computer science, electrical engineering, etc.). Therefore, personal guidance is provided to help students make their choice of elective lectures at the begining of the first semester.

Program (2021 - 2022) (subject to modification)

Each student should acquire at least 60 ECTS during the first year of Master AUS. The lectures and ECTS are distributed as follows:

  • Compulsory technical courses (24 ECTS),
  • Elective technical courses (select 12 ECTS, plus additional ones in the second semester if you wish, in the lists below),
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses: I&E (24 ECTS).

Semester 1

Technical Courses

Compulsory courses (12 ECTS) Number of ECTS
EIEL931G Robotics: fundamentals, sensor modeling and fusion (GSE5) 4
EIEL933G Embedded Hardware and Software for Self-driving Cars (GSE5) 2
Preparation to the Industrial Project 3
5G Networks (Huawei) 3
Elective courses (for a total of 9 ECTS) Number of ECTS
Project Gestion Systèmes Embarqués 6
Refresher in maths & stats 3
EIEL923G Embedded Linux (GSE5) 2
EIEL733 Estimation and Digital Signal Filtering (ELEC4) 2
Mobile Communications: 2G, 3G, 4G (TR5) 2
UML modeling (GSE5) 2
Wireless sensor networks 2
Embedded A.I. 2
Mobile Communications: Technology of connected objects (TR5) 1
Advanced control and estimation for Autonomous Systems 1

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Courses

I&E 1 (9 ECTS) Number of ECTS
Basics in I&E (spread in the empty slots, till end of january/february) 3
Business Dev. Lab Part 1 3
Business Intelligence 1 3

Semester 2

Technical Courses

Compulsory courses (12 ECTS) Number of ECTS
EIEL822 Digital Control (shared with ELEC4) 3
EIIN825 Artificial Intelligence: Optimization and Machine Learning (shared with SI4) 3
EIEL841 Industrial Semester Project 3
Robotics: ROS and Gazebo, Application to robotic manipulators 1
3D Machine Vision and Learning


Elective courses (3 ECTS required) Number of ECTS
Sensors and actuators - embedded A.I  (shared SI4) 3
Refresher in control systems 2
Embedded Java 2
Embedded C++ 2
Applied estimation to Autonomous Systems 1

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Courses

I&E 2 (6 ECTS): choose 2 elective courses (March-June) among Number of ECTS
Business Intelligence 2: Data science for business 3
I&E complementary course 1: Digital innovation in FinTech -TBC 3
I&E complementary course 2: Innovation management in large scale organizations 3
I&E 3 (9 ECTS) Coefficient
Business Dev. Lab Part 2 (spread in the empty slots, from early march till mid of June) 5
Summer school : globally organized by EIT Digital, July-August 2021 4


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