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Academic exchange - incoming

What is an academic exchange?

Polytech Nice Sophia, the Université Côte d’Azur’s engineering school, has a large number of international partnerships. If you your home university is one of our partners, either within the Erasmus+ programme or through an exchange agreement, you can apply to your home institution to come to Polytech Nice Sophia as an exchange student. If your application is successful, you can attend our school for a fixed period (a semester or a year) and benefit from a unique and amazing experience which you will remember forever. You remain a student at your home institution where you pay registration fees and therefore you don’t need to pay additional fees at Polytech Nice Sophia. If your university doesn’t have an exchange agreement with Polytech yet, please get in touch with your international relations office to see if there is the potential to set up a partnership. Si vous souhaitez venir à Polytech autrement que dans le cadre d’un échange, vous pouvez vous intégrer notre école en tant que Free-mover. Find out more:

Conditions to become an exchange student at Polytech Nice Sophia
  • Nomination by your home university: Your home university must nominate you to participate in an exchange. Please contact your own international relations office to find out more about the application procedure.
  • Level of study: You must have completed at least 2 years of university study at your home institution.
  • Language: You must have a sufficient level in French or English in order to attend classes in either of these languages. Generally, we request at least a B1 level, but applications are considered on an individual basis by the international relations coordinator in each department. We do not request an official language certificate.
  • Learning Agreement: You must complete a learning agreement which will be signed by the academic advisors at your home institution and at Polytech. The Learning Agreement is a contractual document which lists all the courses taken by the student at the host institution and their equivalence at the home university. It states the number of ECTS credits which will be awarded for each course and is essential to allow the student to gain recognition for the study period at their home institution.
  • Valid Passport or Official Identity Card: You will need your passport or ID card to complete administrative formalities on arrival in France. Il sera nécessaire pour toute démarche administrative à faire dès votre arrivée.
Academic calendar

Key dates for exchange students at Polytech Nice Sophia

- Nomination dates

Once the home institution has selected the student for an exchange, it must nominate them to Polytech Nice Sophia. Please note that Polytech can only receive official nominations from partner institutions, we are unable to accept applications directly from students who have not been officially nominated.  We contact students after their nominations have been approved.  

For more information, please contact the international relations office at your home university.

First semester/Fall term : 1st May

Second semester/Spring term : 1st November

- Apllication dates

If your nomination is approved by Polytech, you will receive the application procedure in order to formalise your application. All application material must be sent to Polytech’s International Relations Office (see Application Procedure). 

First semester/Fall term : 15th May

Second semester/Spring term : 15th November

Our semester dates

Study period Start date End date
First semester September N January N+1
Second semester February N+1 May N+1


Polytech’s Application Procedure

In order to apply for an exchange at Polytech, you need to complete certain documents which must be approved by your home institution and returned to Polytech’s International Relations Office before the deadline.

Your application must include:

  • Incoming student identification form download
  • Learning agreement* – download
  • List of courses for the year prior to the exchange download
  • Copy of the most recent transcript of records in French or English
  • Copy of the last diploma
  • Updated CV
  • ID picture
  • Copy of your passport (or your ID card for EU students)
  • Language certificate (English or French according to the choice of courses)
  • For European students: copy of your European Health Insurance card
  • For non-European students: copy of your visa
  • For students from Quebec: copy of your SE 401-Q106

Once Polytech has accepted your application, you will receive your official acceptance letter, an official welcome to our school! You can then start to plan your stay in France. For more information, please see  Useful information .

For more information about your learning agreement, see “Conditions to become an exchange student at Polytech Nice Sophia”
To contact the relevant academic advisor at Polytech, please see  Courses on offer .


International Relations Office

Joanna Winchcombe – Cristina Bosch – Yin Na

Email :

Tlf : (+33) 04 89 15 40 31 / 32

Marc Gaëtano - Institutional Coordinator:

Double degrees

Incoming and outgoing exchange students, Polytech Nice Sophia offers several double degree programmes, allowing students to receive degrees from both institutions.