Polytech Nice Sophia welcomes doctoral students from the various associated laboratories.
3% of them are young graduates of the school who are pursuing a thesis for a period of 3 years.
At the end of their doctorate, student researchers will be able to become a researcher, teacher-researcher, or join a research and development (R&D) department of a company or even offer their service in consulting and engineering firms.

PhD Scholarship for Chinese Students

Do a thesis in the Polytech network

The CSC (China Scholarship Council) offers international mobility scholarships.
As part of a collaboration with the Polytech network, scholarships are intended for Chinese students holding a master's degree (national master's degree from China or abroad, and French engineering degree) wishing to pursue a doctorate in France.

The CSC Doctoral Fellowship (Doctorate and Doctorate Co-Tutelage at Polytech) is for Chinese PhD students sponsored by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) pursuing either a PhD or a PhD co-tutelage program at Polytech's 15 schools.

The CSC undertakes to fund

The subsidized duration for doctoral student status is 36 to 48 months, and the subsidized duration for joint-PhD student status is 6 to 24 months. The costs corresponding to a return trip between China and Paris France for the doctoral student.

The Polytech network is committed

  • insofar as possible, to waive the doctoral student's tuition fees and registration fees, which will be paid by the host laboratory or university;
  • to take charge of internal and external communication on the program (for example the website);
  • to offer and support the French language training for doctoral students during their studies in France
  • to organize regular exchange meetings for students with their thesis directors and to cover any associated costs
  • to finance a participation in an international conference by the laboratory of the thesis director at least once a year
  • to facilitate settling in France (accommodation, VISA, residence permit, opening of a bank account, etc.)
  • to finance the costs linked to forums and interviews in China by the Polytech network delegation.

Selection criteria: www.csc.edu.cn



  1. Constitution of the application: Before April

    Applicants should contact the professors who have proposed thesis topics to inquire and return the application form.

  2. The thesis directors send a ZIP archive for April containing 5 documents via 

    • the application form completed by the student
    • the CV of the successful candidate
    • the CV of the principal thesis director in English
    • a short document presenting the laboratory's activities in English
    • two letters of acceptance in English subject to obtaining the scholarship: one from the thesis director, the other from the related Doctoral School

    For more information, please contact na[dot]yin[at]univ-cotedazur[dot]fr et benoit[dot]miramond[at]univ-cotedazur[dot]fr.

  3. The candidate submits the complete application at the same time to the CSC in April
  4. Jury: April - May

    The CSC organizes the Candidate Selection Jury

  5. Publication of results: End of June

    The CSC publishes the results of the Jury online

  6. Admission: June

    Successful candidates must prepare their administrative documents: VISA, Airline tickets, etc.

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